Cotel Business Solutions is the local IT and security provider that you can trust

At Cotel Business Solutions, we have nearly three decades of experience providing IT and security solutions to home and business owners in New York, NY. We continually seek to provide exceptional customer service to our customers.

About Cotel Business Solutions

Cotel Business Solutions is a New York based system integrators company servicing the Tri-State area facilitating basic to complex technology solutions in the areas of voice, data and video. Cotel has maintained high standards to service delivery and code of ethics in providing our customers a cost-effective solution that meets their needs. Our team of Engineers each carry over 30 years of industry experience and are highly trained and certified in all our product portfolio.

Cotel has partnered with the world’s leading technology manufactures like Verkada, AXIS, ExacqVision, Geovision, Digital WatchDog, Net2phone, NEC, Grandstream, AVAYA, ICC, Leviton, Belden, Sonos, Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Aiphone, Brivo, Keri and Savant to name a few.

Our senior management team offers our organization 30 years of combined business leadership experience that our industry has to offer. Both our managers and technical personnel are available to respond to your requirements and find a solution that fits your business needs. We will provide a cost-effective solution to each phase of your network life cycle from defining your business needs, offering the network design solution, procurement of network equipment, implementation or deployment execution of the project and finally our flexible maintenance agreements. Our clients typically focus on the core business, while they outsource their technical resources on demand to COTEL and we help them solve the technical and complex issues. Cotel offers best practices to secure your building and work facility from access control devices to IP CCTV state of the art cameras. Our motto is SAFETY and SECURITY first, in an effort to protect both our clients’ human and equipment assets.

How can Cotel Business Solutions help you?


Whether you’re looking for minor hardware upgrades or an extensive overhaul, we can help. Our team provides custom IT and security solutions to home and business owners. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and deliver an affordable package.

Our Solutions

Video Security

We offer innovative video security technologies and CCTV systems for monitoring your home or business—so you can protect what matters to you most.

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Access Control

We help you find the access control solution that enables you to control and manage physical access to your business in the Tri-State Area—to protect your property, employees, and your assets.

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Phone Systems

No matter what your telecommunication needs, we can deliver a flexible, feature-rich solution that can save you money on every call.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots & Boosters

We offer Wi-Fi hotspot solutions to keep your employees connected, productive and secure – wherever they may be working in your facility – so you can keep your business operations moving forward.

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Data/Fiber Systems

Upgrading your data, audio and visual capacity is a modern necessity. Stop accepting slow data speeds and feeds, it's time to push your the Tri-State Area company into the future.

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Audio & Video Systems

We provide custom audio visual system design and installation for homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized solution for your needs.

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Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a great way for homeowners and business owners to know who is at the door and gain convenient, two-way room-to-room communication.

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Network Cabling

Oftentimes, video and power cables are an afterthought when purchasing a video security system. However, installing the right grade, quality, and length of cable can have a major impact on your overall system performance.

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Home Automation

Many homeowners are looking for innovative ways to save time and money—and simplify their lives.

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