Aldelo Express delivers competitive edge for restaurants, bars, retailers and more. A cloud based iPad POS system that is perfect for both stationary and mobile point of sale needs. Aldelo Express takes simplicity, ease of use, and feature richness to the next level.

Point of Sale Made Easy

From the simple to use setup wizard, to the intuitive layout and design the Aldelo Express may be the simplest yet most full featured Point of Sale you have ever used! Able to handle the very basic items to the most complex pizza with ease and with great features like Gift, Kiosk, Kitchen Display, Customer Display and an open API that allows for a number of third party integrations or for you to create your own, Aldelo Express maybe the Best POS available!

Setup Wizard has you running in minutes

Kitchen Display, Customer Display, Kiosk, Gift available!

Open API means Third Party integrations and expand your point of sales possibilities

Seamless Integrations All Around


Multi Store Gift

Customer Display

Kitchen Display (KDS)

Point of Sale (POS)

Integrated Payment Processing

and more!

Full Featured, Online or Offline

Worried about cloud based systems not working with your internet is down? No need to fear with Aldelo Express, You can continue to place orders, Print to the kitchen and guest checks, and more without interruption as the Aldelo Express is an app the runs on your iPad. When off line all your data is safe on your local iPad and syncs up automatically once the internet is restored!

Continue to make orders, even when the internet is down

Continue to kitchen printing even when the internet is down

Data automatically syncs once internet is restored

Superior Savings & Efficiency Like No Other

Merchants using Aldelo Express never pay for Aldelo Technical Support or software updates and merchants using select processors get Free Software, Free Support , Free Menu Programming, Free 1 hour Training, Free Multi Store Gift, Free API Access, Free Merchant Portal, Free Registration Changes and much more! This could save merchants thousands of dollars per year when compared to your current point of sale provider.

Free Software Support

Free Software Updates

Superior Savings


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